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If you are in need of some one-day art entertainment to spice up your special event, we can help!


Painting parties can be arranged around your theme for $80. That includes 8 students for 2 hours on 8x10 canvas. $10 for each additional painter. I will come to you and bring a folding table and all of the supplies needed. I'll bring an original design that fits your theme to teach, but if you prefer to let the kids make up their own design, that's fine too! If you'd like more time or bigger canvas, I'll get you a quote!  

We can also arrange parties using other media such as decoupage, air-dry clay, origami, string art, masks, beadwork, or seasonal crafts. This is great for scouts or groups where you have recurring activities and you want to try something new each time! These can all be done for $10/student or less.

E-mail Kristen to set a date!

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